Location: Brewers Bay, Tortola

Today we woke up in Muskmelon Bay on Guana Island. From there, we sailed to Lee Bay on Great Camanoe. At Lee, our boat started our last day of turtle tagging with some of the Quest students. With everyone in the dinghies, we went out to search. I was in David’s boat, and Anna and I had a really fun time getting pulled behind the boat manta-tow style and looking at the fish. All of a sudden, David called out to us that he saw a turtle. We all jumped in and started chasing it. The other two dinghies joined in, and although the corralling of the turtle was pretty hectic, we managed to catch the Hawksbill turtle and bring it back onto the boat. A lot of people were able to touch the turtle and almost catch it, but in the end, one of the Questers caught it. Back at the boat, Elliot showed the Quest boats how to tag the turtle. It was really exciting because this turtle was the first one we caught manta-tow style this session. Once the turtle was released, Quest left, and Catalinaville sailed to Brewers Bay, Tortola.¬†At Brewers, after lunch, two dinghies with just the Lifeworks shipmates went out for manta-tow take two. Again, I was in David’s boat, and once again we were the boat to see and catch the turtle. Jacob and Kat were in the water and saw the turtle. This turtle was fairly lazy and did not take much chasing after. When Anna and I jumped in, the four of us moved the turtle toward the shore. Jacob was able to dive down and catch it while it was sitting at the bottom. Back at the boat, we tagged the turtle as a group and let it go. Once the turtle was gone, everyone showered and played a game of jackpot in the water. We had summertime Thanksgiving for dinner, and as per usual everyone overate. There was a very lovely sunset during dinner, which was a nice way to end an exciting day.