Location: La Carpio & Los Piedades

Tons of pictures today! Today, we went back to La Carpio. When we arrived, we split into two groups. The first group went upstairs to play with the kids and had a ton of fun singing songs in both Spanish and English. We also built Lego castles with them and taught them how to play games that they already knew in Spanish but in English. One of the games was duck duck goose, and it took us forever to figure out how to say goose in Spanish. We also played with stuffed animals and acted out different scenes. We then finished with a game of hot potato. Some of the kids were drawing with the other group downstairs as they were learning about numbers. That group also worked on teaching them how to read the books in their mini library. Before we left the classroom, we helped the kids clean their hands with a bucket of water and cloth because there were no sinks available nearby. They then had their watermelon snack, and we headed back to the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation building for some lunch. While some of the kids were eating a few of us helped feed them, and others went into the other room to play with some really cute toddlers and babies. After everybody finished eating, we read them stories as they fell asleep for nap time. We went back to finish our lunches and cleaned up the area to clear some space for our dance class. We learned all sorts of dances from salsa to cha cha to bachata. Gail complimented us on how well we did. Henry, our driver, then came to pick us up and brought us back to Los Piedades, the neighborhood where we are currently living. We stopped by the soccer field and played a casual match with a few of the kids that were already there. Lucy & Zoe’s host family was just across the street, so they offered us water and juice before playing. Afterward, we headed to the supermercado to get some well-deserved ice cream (Trits, of course) and each of our host families came to pick us up. We have a hike coming up, so it’s time to get some sleep. Hasta manana!