Location: La Carpio & Los Piedades

Today we went to La Carpio where we painted another mural for the entrance of the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation building. The other group was shoveling rocks and sand to help clean up from the amazing wall project! Then we went to the market in San Jose where we bought all sorts of touristy things like jackets and other cool Costa Rican souvenirs. We all practiced our bargaining skills, and some of us managed to bring the price down to one-third of the original price! A few of us were given free rings made from the extra pieces of one of the metal workers. We then ran to the supermercado to get slushies and Trits (our favorite ice cream) and ate them on the bus. On our way back, we sang and danced together on the bus. Now we’re hoping to go to the soccer field in our neighborhood to hang out a bit before we head back to dinner with our host families. Buenas Noches!