Location: Marina Cay

We’re halfway through the trip, and it couldn’t be going better. We have tagged turtles, snorkeled amazing reefs with local students from the Youth Empowerment Project(YEP), painted Valley Day School and planted mangroves! I can’t believe the trip is halfway through; no one wants it to end. Everyone is having so much fun and loving it. Allie is always the first one awake in the morning eager to help out and is so awesome with the local island kids. Lara found her true love of power snorkeling behind the dinghies. Brendan is a huge help on board because he knows so much about the boats, sailing, and projects. When the YEP kids came to Anegada, Adam was a natural leader and did an awesome job with organizing and interacting with the students. Rangitoto Too wouldn’t be the same without all the cakes and brownies Michael has been cooking up for us, he is wayyy better at cooking than I am. I hadn’t stopped laughing when Tucker is around because he has the best jokes, music, and comebacks and he did so well when we had all the students on board from Jost Van Dyke. Malcolm was quite a handful, and Tucker was awesome all day long keeping an eye on him and hanging out with him. Caroline is always the first to volunteer and is always smiling and happy to help out. Lili taught me some sick figure skating moves, and I can always count on her to help out around the boat. Elizabeth is always smiling and laughing and turned out to be a natural at wakeboarding and was up on one of her first attempts. Having Claire and her Polaroid camera on board has been so much fun. She’s always making sure everyone on board is participating and involved. Zach is a natural leader who looks out for and cares about everyone on the boat and even on the whole program. Jacob is always in a good mood and has a positive attitude. Ben is always cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. He is usually shaking his head at me because he thinks my jokes are lame, but one day he will realize I am just as funny as he is… maybe. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store and how much closer everyone is going to get for the second half!

See you on the flip side- Queen Beezie