Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Dear Families,

We woke up at a fairly reasonable time this morning and motored to Beef Island. We were getting ready to greet the YEP students when they got off the ferry, but they were having some technical issues, and we wound up having an unexpected hour and a half of shore time. The place where we stopped was a small town known for its monthly Full Moon Parties, and an artist named Aragoan. After enjoying the town, we took a taxi to the YEP center to play with the kids. When we arrived, they were in their rotations. We played basketball with the kids, and some of the girls made bracelets for us. After this, we split into groups and went into rotations with the students, doing everything from sports to arts and crafts, to first aid. This was followed by lunch, and afterward, we said goodbye to our YEP friends and headed back to the boats. We did not stay for long, and soon we were back on land and learning about Mangroves. We got the opportunity to track old mangroves’ growth, and also to plant new seedlings. When we were done, we walked back to the boats and motored to Sommer’s Beach, where we were joined by all of ActionQuest for a Barbecue. After chilling by the water for a few hours, we headed back to our boats for showers and Bed. Altogether a fun, helpful and tiring day of service in the BVI. PS: Hi to my parents! I miss you and hope you are enjoying Ireland!