Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

During this trip, many experiences have blown my mind. However, this morning when I awoke, what struck me was the fact that it has been twelve days since I was the last skipper. During that period, I’ve gone turtle tagging, encountered vibrant children, and witnessed the beauty of the B.V.I. During incredible hikes. A part of what struck me was that it has felt like forever since I first stepped on this boat yet time has flown by. I hope I’m making sense. Anyway, I awoke to a beautiful sunrise that took my breath away. My first task was to wake up the chefs to make scrambled eggs, and I did it gladly yet hesitantly. It was easy waking up Jaq for he had already risen and Kathleen was in the bathroom when I walked downstairs. They made the scrambled eggs swiftly, the shipmates ate happily, and we set off quickly. Our destination was Brewer’s Bay, where we would have the opportunity to chase after a turtle as a team, being dragged along by a dinghy, a method called Manta Tow.

The ridewas smooth, Jordan to my left, leading the sail and Elliot to my right, guiding me to the Bay. Finally, we arrived at a bay that was curved like a “C” with water as clear as the sky. We split into groups and I was accompanied by Quincey (the sweetheart), Jaq, Katie (from Grins), Ryan, Jordan, Gabe, and Kylie. For a while, we were plagued with being unable to find any turtles, but near the end of our ride, we saw it, or rather Gabe and Jordan did. Their hands reached to the sky and we could hear a cry erupt from their snorkles. All at once, we jumped into the water and soon we were on a hunt for this turtle. Basically, we all followed Gabe and eventually as I saw deeper into the reef, I got a glance at it. My hands were almost around its shell but my lungs couldn’t bear another second without air. I sprung to the surface but collided with someone that was by the dinghy. When I opened my eyes where the air was available, I could see Gabe swimming as fast as he could towards the turtle. When everyone was lost, he was right on point. I swam towards him and witnessed as he grasped on to this tiny turtle, and held it up triumphantly. We returned to the dinghy and to the boat. For the next few hours, it was a blur. We had lunch (Tuna Salad Sandwiches or PBandJ) and then headed to where we are now: Cane Garden Bay. It has been a relaxing day so far, getting to strike up a conversation with Jaq and taking peaceful freshwater showers in the actual showers. Though the day isn’t over yet, I have enjoyed every second of it and it makes me sad to know that today marks exactly seven days until I have to return my other life, the one without turtles, deep conversations, scenic views, shore times and most of all, without every single person on this boat that I’ve enjoyed every moment with. Well, for now, I’ll just enjoy this last few days, minute by minute. Each minute, in my opinion, is equally rewarding. And though it’s been twelve days since my last time writing this blog, I’ve felt like it’s gone by in a flash. Time flies when you’re having fun. I know that for a fact.