Location: Muskmellon Bay, Guana Island

We are past our halfway point and have been having a blast! It is great to see how the group has grown together and formed a team aboard Spindrift II. We have visited two different island schools where we got to see Kylie’s face painting skills, Sami advise middle school “girl talk,” and Ryan’s ability to make anyone smile amongst the other sports and fun games. Carly has built bonds with her shipmates from nightly trampoline conversation. Jaq is growing in his love for sailing and the ocean as he and Tamara love to take the lead in raising sails. Tamara along with Riley, Kathleen, and Kylie all caught turtles during our two days of turtling on Anegada. Lydia impressed us all with her charisma and singing skills during our rainy second day Anegada beach walk. Jordan has been loving being back in the BVI this summer and spent a fun day showing off his wakeboarding skills while teaching Gabe; Katrina also got up on the wakeboard for the first time! Jordan and Kylie both celebrated their birthdays on the 27th with brownies and cookies and a wonderful forum with our director, Mike. With more schools to visit, turtles to tag, and beaches to clean we are excited for the days to come. Whether it’s dish crew, raising sails, or interacting with local children, everyone is learning and excitedly taking on each new challenge.