Location: Muskmelon Bay

After yesterday’s tough sail through the storm, we were all ready for a break, which is exactly what today gave us. We slept in until around 7:30, which was a luxury compared to our usual 6:00-6:30 wake-up time. After our delicious french toast breakfast courtesy of our chefs Ryan and Katrina, we raised anchor and set off to Muskmelon Bay off of Guana Island. We couldn’t have asked for better weather during the short journey; the sun was shining, and there was a cool, steady breeze during the entire 1-hour trip. We arrived in Muskmelon Bay around 10 a.m. After rafting up with Grins, the other Lifeworks boat, we took dinghies around a nearby point to observe some seabirds that were nesting in a nearby cliff. After returning to our boats, we set up some 2-person sailboats called Picos and unpacked some waterskiing and wakeboarding gear. We spent the rest of the day sailing around the bay in the Picos, waterskiing, and wakeboarding behind the dinghies, or just hanging out on the boats with the Grins crew. We packed up all of the watersports equipment around 4:30 after a long but fun day. After breaking our raft with Grins and anchoring a little ways away, we ate a filling dinner of chili and rice. We all enjoyed this day of fun and rest, but I’m sure we are all ready and eager to continue with our community service projects tomorrow.