Location: Marina Cay

Today we learned patience. Everyone had woken up by around 7:45 am, and everyone was excited for the long day ahead. We were told that we would leave Anegada and sail to Marina Cay when the laundry was finished. Typical of a sleepy little island, the laundry turned up at around 11 am. By that time, a storm had moved in and large; gray clouds had filled the sky. We decide to wait for the worst of it out, which was another 30-minute delay. By the time we were en route, it was 12:15 pm, and still storming. During the sail, I had to endure a medley of Eli’s crazy impersonations. A couple of other things that spiced up the 3-hour sail was rain and high winds. I was still at the helm, and the adventure was not over there; as when we were docking, the boat scraped against one of the more treacherous docks in the BVI. The day was not over yet, and we gulped down a quick tortellini dinner before all the students gathered to listen to a motivational speech. The day ended there, and we were all excited for the following day.