Location: Anegada

After an early 6:30 AM wakeup, the crew was excited to learn that it was pancake day. This meant a well-prepared breakfast that would send us on our way to either a long hike or turtle tagging and the iguana exhibit. Since I went to the iguana exhibit and tagged sea turtles yesterday, it was my group’s turn to hike the northern coast of Anegada today. While we were waiting for the busy cab driver to pick us up, I had the opportunity to go fishing off the pier with a few young local boys. After no luck in catching anything, the taxi had arrived, and we were on our way to a beautiful beach that we walked on for about 2 hours. We couldn’t swim in the reef-filled waters, which upset us until we saw about ten nurse sharks swarming the shoreline. After the hike, we arrived at a restaurant, that was much needed, due to the downpour outside. After hearing that the weather was not expected to improve today, the decision was made to head back to the boat. We got back to the dinghy dock and had another opportunity to fish with the locals before heading back to the boat for the day. After catching a few fish with the help of their expertise, I was satisfied enough to go back to the boat for the day. When we got back, the crew got into warm clothes and prepared a delicious “Thanksgiving” dinner. Though it was raining all day, it still turned out to be a great day in the islands.