Location: Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke

Greetings from Jose Van Dyke! Today has been hectic but awesome at the same time. Today happened to be Territory Day in the BVI’s, so there was no school, and most restaurants and shops were closed. We arrived on the island pretty early, ready to play with children and take them sailing on the two Lifeworks’ boats. Everyone from each boat chose a “buddy” they would look after all day. All of the children were so excited to help us sail and drive the boat- even though the autopilot was turned on the whole time. We took the older kids out to help us catch turtles and took the little kids to have a beach day. Unfortunately, there were no turtles sighted nor caught, but everyone still said how great of a time they had. The children at the beach had a fun time catching tiny crabs by the rocks and snorkeling with us. After we brought the kids back to Jost Van Dyke, we sailed back to Tortola for a beach barbecue with the entire fleet. Being away from the rest of the fleet most of the time, it was nice to have some time with the Action Quest kids. We were served cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and possibly the best pasta salad I have ever had. We had the pleasure of sitting on the rocks, watching the sunset, bonding with my boat and the fleet. After the barbecue, we took saltwater showers, and I was stung by a jellyfish for the first time which was not the most pleasant thing I’ve ever felt.