Location: Jost Van Dyke

The staff let us sleep in as they raised anchors and sails to depart from Sommer’s Beach early in the morning. Our destination: Jost Van Dyke. When we arrived, we were greeted by the Jost Van Dyke Youth Preservation group. We followed Susan, the head of Preservation, to the rear of the restaurant Foxy’s. We helped clean scraps of wood and other debris from the boat they are building, Endeavor II. Then we headed upstairs in Foxy’s with the threat of rain around us. After a few ice breaker games with the children, we learned about flora and fauna of the Sandy Cay National Park.

Once the rain let up, we all boarded our ship and headed for Sandy Cay. Once we arrived, we headed on the trail throughout the whole 14-acre island. The terrain varied, changing from sand and dirt to rocks and grass. We ended the trail by running into the ocean, slapping bug bites with our hands. Following a much-needed rinse, we headed onto shore to play a game invented by Susan. We were split into groups of “termites” and picked workers, soldiers, and a queen, then headed back to the boat after the game. We waved goodbye to the kids, but only for today. After, we headed to Cane Garden Bay with plans for Camila’s sweet 16 birthday dinner. Dressed in bright colors of the rainbow, we dined on Thai peanut chicken and vegetables with brown rice. The dinner conversation led by Mary had everyone in tears of laughter by the end of the night. We then enjoyed a cake in celebration of Camila’s birthday. The exciting day drew to a sweet close, and we went to bed anxious for tomorrow!