Location: Sommer's Beach

The consensus onboard Spindrift II at this point of the trip is that time is moving at a faster pace than usual. Both staff and students express mixed feelings over meeting the halfway point of our time together, but we know for certain that this has been a substantially positive experience. Sometimes asking 13 young individuals to cohabitate in a not-so-spacious space can go wrong, but this group continues to show that that’s not always the case. Everybody on board is continuously learning and growing closer together simultaneously. Kaitlynd, Jaime, and Samantha have shown what fast learners are with their quick mastery of driving the boat on our longest sails while Emilie helps out with her experience on boats similar to Spindrift II. Mary showed her capability as a leader in a group forum on values, and along the same lines, Erica and Chanty’s newfound confidence keeps the group focused and can make things happen when they need to. Life onboard allows for growth in hard skills like Camila’s wakeboarding, as well as soft skills like Zoe confronting her fear of nearly everything daily (both of whom have caught turtles so far). Over the past week and a half, we’ve had the chance to observe Pauline as she becomes more confident in her ability to speak English and Meera as she comes out of her shell and keeps the group laughing with her sense of humor. Fiona’s exercise onboard allows her to lift the heaviest of turtles after Ellery is finished measuring them. While we realize that our time in the BVI is slipping through our fingers, we will surely spend the remainder of it laughing hard, working hard, and playing hard together. Quincey, Claire and I are having a great time with this crew so far and I’m sure that will be true on day 21 when they leave us.