Location: Sommer's Beach

This morning began when I woke up before everyone else, waiting in the salon, for Elliot to give me the “ok” to wake up everyone else. Once everyone was somewhat awake, breakfast was already on the way. Instead of the usual two chefs assigned to cook the meals Elliot decided to take over the breakfast this morning by preparing his “special eggs”. After all the eggs were cooked everybody put on their PFD’s to get ready to sail off to our next destination, Lee Bay, Great Camanoe. At this point, I was pretty terrified because it meant that I had to drive the boat. Although I soon realized that driving the boat wasn’t all that bad. It actually turned out to be pretty easy and a lot of fun. A few minutes into the sail to Lee Bay I took a break from being skipper to join the rest of my friends/shipmates for scrambled eggs and fresh cantaloupe and pineapple. Before I knew it I had to go back to driving the boat and prepare to dock up next to the other Lifeworks boat. After all the chaos and orders of where to throw the lines we all put on our sunscreen and grabbed our snorkel gear, ready to catch some turtles. All the students from Lifeworks and a few extra students, the Questers, were split up into four dinghies. We all set off in our own directions ready to jump into the water in search of turtles to bring back to tag.

My group was not very successful catching or seeing a turtle. One dinghy was successful and brought back a Hawksbill to tag. After we measured and tagged the Hawksbill a groups of kids hopped back into a dinghy to release it back into its natural habitat. Soon afterward my boat prepared to eat lunch, a bowl of tortilla soup. For about an hour or two we were able to just chill and hang around the boats. At around 2:30 we set sail once again and moved to our next turtle tagging site at a place called Monkey Point. There my group was not only the first to find and catch a turtle but I was the one who got the chance to actually catch the turtle. That was probably the biggest adrenaline rush so far this trip. I named my turtle Firecracker. After going through all the measurements and the actual tagging of the turtle, another group of kids went back into the dinghy to release the two turtles again. By around 6:00 everybody from ActionQuest and Lifeworks motored to a different beach right by Monkey Point to join in a group BBQ.