Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Some of the best days can come when they are least expected. One may expect that it is the busier days that would be the most fun since they are jam-packed with activities; however, I have found that sometimes just being with the people you love is all you need to have a fabulous time. Today we were allowed to sleep in until the luxurious time of 8:00 (a time I would consider mind-numbingly early while at home). The extra sleep energized us and put the whole crew in great moods for the rest of the day, enabling us to laugh just a bit louder and dance a little crazier to our morning CD. We began our relaxing day by taking a walk on Peters Island to see the drastic difference between the original town there (which has remained unchanged for decades) with the luxury hotel on the edge of a pristine beach. The contrast allowed us to think about our lives and what we believe to be necessary and how these concepts may have changed during our three weeks here in the BVI. We all agreed that it is not material objects that should determine our happiness but ourselves. While choosing to be happy is not possible for everyone, there are always situations in which one can choose to spin a potentially negative situation into a positive one and a new opportunity for growth. After some quiet contemplation, we returned to the boat (which now sufficiently feels like home) and immediately jumped in the water. Many people practiced their free diving and although I was not able to participate as a result of my inability to hold my breath for than 15 seconds it was still lovely to have a  quiet moment to float and enjoy the scenery. By taking a step back from our normally packed-schedule, we were able to reflect on our time spent here. Its moments like these that I will miss the most. There are few times in my life I have laughed as hard and as frequently as I have on this trip, with people who were strangers just a little over two weeks ago.