Location: West End, Tortola

Today is the last day being on the boat, and so far it has been incredible. We woke up very early, each in random parts of the boat. We had to eat breakfast quickly because we had a big day ahead of us and it needed to start as soon as possible. There is a mountain called Spyglass very close to where we had anchored the night before, and we had the luxury to climb it. Once we reached the top, there was a spectacular view that took all of our breath away. Although it was a short hike, it was exhausting, and we were all drenched in sweat. Looking over the mountain, down onto the water, I felt so lucky to be in the most beautiful place on earth. It was a perfect location to reflect on what we had done on the trip, and appreciate how it made an impact on each one of us personally. I couldn’t imagine having a better last impression of the BVI, because this view was the best I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The rest of the day we have been cleaning the boats as thoroughly as possible because it has to be returned to Sunsail Charter company. Our last hoorah of this trip will be a barbecue between all of the boats, and we will all say goodbye. It will most definitely be difficult to let go and detach ourselves from this amazing adventure, but we will all bring back a piece of it in our day to day lives. This trip has changed each of our lives in so many different ways, and I’m truly grateful for that.