Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we splurged when we woke up at 8:30 to a laid back day. We had a calm morning in which a Lifeworks director led us through a picture game where we still learned new things about our crewmembers and for some of us even a little bit about ourselves. After the activity, we went to a beach that was owned by a local and his family for over 150 years. We sadly did not get the chance to meet him but, we went to his village and helped clean up his grounds. After we took a short ten-minute walk to the five-star hotel that bordered the local man’s home, we sat down along the prestigious beach and had a conversation on the differences between the two beaches we saw. This lead into an in-depth conversation on what the “real” BVI is and what is advertised back home. We went back to the boat where for the next few hours we relaxed at the boat and did a lot of snorkeling, which was incredible. There wasn’t much coral but, the fish life was a site to behold. We got to swim in schools of fishes that made everyone’s day. After our laid back morning, we raced (Elliot’s version) Dive side up to our final destination of the day which was The Bight off Norman Island. We anchored there, and the staff left to go to a meeting and left us to our own devices. When they left, we turned up the music, and all hung out before we had to make dinner for ourselves. Everything was going right until we were confronted with cooking the rice. The staff came back and had a quick laugh at us then helped us finish cooking. We had a nice dinner with our “friends” who had anchored on top of us which didn’t give us much leeway between the two boats. After dinner, we had a nice evening program.