Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up at a very early time of 6:25 to embark on an intense but amazing hike up Spyglass Hill on Norman Island. The view was incredible and every single second of it was breathtaking! We then climbed back down to the bottom and began the cleaning process. Everyone on the boat did an amazing job! Lydia and Alli made the girls’ head spotless while CeCe and Ally cleaned the girl’s cabin to perfection! Thomas and Sam were great with the power hose and made the deck as clean as I have ever seen it. Cora was good at finding items to take back to the storage rooms in West End, Tortola, which is where we docked. Jacob, Jack, Dahrius and I bleached EVERYTHING on the boat! It was crazy how many bleach wipes we went through! Jules and Adam were great at docking the boat and being dinghy tenders. After the massive cleanup, we had a great chunk of shore time, and everyone hung out at all the shops and restaurants that West End had to offer. I hung out with Alli and Dahrius for some of the time and talked to Ally, Lydia, Cora, Jacob, and Thomas. After our shore time, we had an auction for the Lifeworks flag and raised $340 for the charity programs that we worked with on our trip. Then we went to a quick barbecue with ActionQuest and had a cool end-of-trip pow wow with Mike, the director, and then hung out on the dock some more. The squeeze question was “What was your favorite part of the trip?” and the answers brought us together. We are all really sad to leave but we are grateful for our time here, and we have all changed for the better thanks to Lifeworks. This is the last blog for the summer, and I have got to say thank you to all of the Lifeworks staff, especially Elliot, Beezie and David for hanging out with us and making this trip one of the best trips ever!!! Also, parents, your kids will be home soon whether you like it or not lol! See you guys tomorrow and thanks for reading! 🙂