Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

As our journey almost comes to a close, the beckoning ocean winds howled for us — snorkeling, sailing, turtle tagging, and beaching all occupied another day in the wondrous BVI’s. With the winds howling for us, we took off for a crazy sail to Brewer’s Bay. The rolling waves rocked our boat continuously the whole journey. After arriving at our destination, we snorkeled searching for the “feared” Lionfish. Soon after, our search came to a close when we couldn’t find any Lionfish. Our very own skippers, Elliot and Beezy, found a turtle of the Hawksbill variety while adventuring the reef. We tagged this turtle, named “Aminal,” and then set it free. For the most thrilling moment of the day, we raced Rangitoto Too, destroying them with our boat hitting 12.5 knots!!! Soon later we ended the day by relaxing at the beach with all the other ActionQuest boats.