Location: Green Cay

Today we visited the island, Sandy Cay! Our mission today was to find a special beetle. On our hike we came across a bunch, they’re very small and shiny with blue and green coloring. It was so rewarding finding the beetles because they’re going to be used for scientific research later. Also, the hike to the top of the island was so incredible, from one side of the island it looks simple, but when you get to the top of it, it’s a giant drop off the cliff with waves crashing all around. After we got back to the bottom of the island, I swam out and brought back the dinghy. Then we headed back to our boats to start lunch. After lunch, we headed over to another island called Green Cay. Again we hiked and searched for beetles. On our hike, we saw some amazing views, more beetles and a lot of hermit crabs and lizards. After our hike we went back down to the beach and swam for about an hour then we headed back to Grins and motored back to our anchorage. From finding these rare beetles or from getting Kit Kats from Sami and Carly, my day was so awesome, and even though there was some rain, it didn’t seem to bring anyone down!