Location: Road Town, Tortola

Today we sailed to West End, Tortola. It was a weird feeling to come back to that harbor because that is where we started the trip. It reminded me of all the amazing things that have happened on this trip so far. It is also heartbreaking to think we only have a few more days left. Once we got settled into the harbor we split into groups. Two people from each boat got to plant some mangroves. Me and most of the shipmates from both lifeworks boats went to a botanical garden. We helped clean the gardens. For example, raking, weeding, and picking up large dead plant pieces. After that we had pizza as a group. We worked in the gardens a bit longer. As we were working Elliot sailed to Road Town where we got back on the boat to quickly pick up money. We all had about two hours of shore time. Our boat went over to Grins after shore time. We helped make a training emergency situation for VISAR. The group is made up of all volunteers who serve almost as coast guard in the BVI. Kylie and Katie both pretended to be in situations. Like a spinal injury and having a finger pulled of by the anchor chain. Some people got to ride in the “super dinghy”. We had Mexican food tonight. Now we are finishing the night with fresh water showers on land.