Location: West End, Tortola

Last night, Elliot read us a story about a boy and his classmates who were deeply moved by writing little cards about the positive attributes of each other’s characters. Later, we wrote letters to one another which shed positive light about each other which we intend to open on the plane journey home. This morning we hiked up Spyglass Mountain on Norman Island where Black Beard used to watch for oncoming ships. We were asked to pick up a pretty rock and a not-so-pretty rock on the way up. After a hard hike up, we reached the top where we could see for miles in every direction. We assigned a negative characteristic about ourselves which we intended to leave behind here to the ugly rock and a characteristic which we wish to bring home with us to the pretty rock. We proceeded to toss the ugly rock over the side of the hill as if to throw away the negative trait about ourselves. After sharing our reflections, it was obvious that everyone had gained a lot from this trip. In particular, I can say that my perspective and outlook on life has changed. We then sailed back to West End and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning Grins before the closing barbecue on the dock.