Location: West End, Tortola

It is now the end of the session for Lifeworks BVI. Everyone spent time cleaning, packing and doing an inventory of all the Lifeworks gear to prepare to head home. I can’t describe how proud Elliot, Claire and I are of how this session turned out. We helped out at YEP, tagged sea turtles, monitored mangroves, cleaned up beaches and so much more all while sharing conversations and laughs. All of the shipmates were beyond amazing. Clovis and Anna were always willing to help out no matter what the task was. Rachael was eager to learn everything she could about lifeworks and living aboard a boat. Emry and Charlotte were always laughing and making everyone else laugh. Samara didn’t miss a beat meshing with the group and always had a smile on her face. Jack was beyond motivated every project we had and by far picked up over three bags of trash by himself at a mangrove site. Georgia and Emie could always make everyone laugh no matter what the situation was. Daniel and Jeff were always a pleasure to be around and were both in an awesome mood all of the time. Bezan had the funniest comments and jokes at best times. Sarah and Olivia made everyday more fun by making the most of every activity we did. We could not have wished for a better session with all of our shipmates. It is going to be sad to see them off to the airport, but I can honestly say I loved every minute and loved having the opportunity to meet them.