Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

When people talk about Day 17, they should not ask what we did; they should ask what we didn’t do. We woke up at a crisp 7 AM and sailed to the East End of Tortola in Fat Hogs Bay to do some mangrove maintenance. We were met there by our good friends from the Youth Empowerment Project who we had hung out and worked with on previous projects. After that, we got on the boat and sailed to Road Town for some much-needed shore time. I must admit I was skeptical about Chinese food in the Caribbean, but I am very happy because it was very tasty. The most memorable part of the day came after shore time on the voyage to Great harbor Peter when our Lifeworks sister ship challenged us to a race. We gladly accepted and raised the sail. About halfway through, our skipper told us we could throw rotten fruit at them — orange after orange. We distracted them and ended up with the victory. Love to all the parents and another good day on board.