Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started today with porridge for breakfast at 8. After cleanup, we motored up the south side of Tortola to Fat Hogs Bay and met with the Youth Empowerment Project kids and taught them how to monitor mangroves. We explained why they are important for the environment in the BVIs and replanted some of the dying mangroves with them. After that, we cleaned the trash that had collected from under the mangroves. Griffin from Kes Kat and I climbed under one of the mangroves and passed all the plastic bottles and trash up to the people that were collecting them. After that, we had shore time in Tortola and got to use our phones and found WiFi. We also got to eat a nice meal in a restaurant and go to the grocery store. After shore time we got back on Rangitoto Too and had a sailing race with Kes Kat. When Kes Kat got ahead, they started throwing their rotten fruit on our boat, and we had squished tomato all over our deck. We tried to throw rotten oranges and apples back, but the wind blew them back at us. When we finally got to Great Harbor, Peter Island, we anchored and had ocean showers on the deck. Today was Mexican Night, and we had burritos with meat and beans, and now we are cleaning up as I write this blog. We had a great day and tomorrow is gonna be even better! NO PARENTS WOOHOOOO!!!!! Just kidding, we miss you guys.