Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was focused mainly around VISAR which stands for; Virgin Island Search and Rescue. We started by meeting Nigel, the coordinator and head medical staff for VISAR. He answered all our questions from, “How many people go out on launch with you?” to “What was the craziest call you have ever gotten?” We cleaned the VISAR headquarters from head to toe. We scrubbed the ground with deckie brushes, organized their second and third story storage rooms, cleaned all their lockers and knick-knacks, and dredged their channels. After a long hard day of work, we were rewarded with three surprises. The first surprise was that we got to stop by the Moorings dock and take real showers! The second one was that the volunteers from VISAR arranged a mock emergency with the staff of Lifeworks. They came out and acted as if one of our shipmates, Caroline, had a broken leg. After getting her into their dinghy, they took turns giving us all rides in it. My group hit 40.2 Knots! It was insane! And the third and final surprise was that we got pizza for dinner! The little things do make a difference.