Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up and the crew of the Rangitoto Too sailed to West End, Tortola and docked at Soper’s Hole. This was nostalgic for all of us because we began our journey here. Once we had arrived, we took a walk to a nearby mangrove forest that needed to be measured, counted and planted. After about an hour of work, we trekked back to the boat for shore time. This was nice because I was able to call my mom and hang out with friends. At about one, we left the dock in west end and sailed to sea cows bay where we did some more mangroving. After splitting up into two groups, my group took Shadow, the dingy, to a remote little dock surrounded by The Sargasso Sea. By the time we were done, the sun was setting on day 17 of our trip to The British Virgin Islands. So we hurried back to the boat for showers and the best thing of all, MEXICAN NIGHT.