Location: Little Harbor, Peter Island

Today we got to sleep in for a while which was nice since we were all tired from the day before. We all went to the bow of the boat to talk while we waited for breakfast to be ready. We ate some pancakes and got ready to leave to Dead Man’s Cove in Peter Island. We motored there and went to shore for our next project. Here we helped out Theran who is a local who lives in his family’s property. They have lived there for a long time, and his goal is to restore the way his property used to look when he was growing up. We helped him by building a stone wall, picking up trash, and cleaning the inside of his house. His home had no running water or electricity; regardless he had a very optimistic perspective. It felt good to be able to help him out and see how thankful he was. Afterward,¬†we went to see the resort which is less than half a mile away. There we sat down to reflect on our lives and realize how fortunate we are to live in the conditions we do. This helped us notice the difference in the things we want and the things we need.

Then we walked back to the dinghy, and in our way, we saw some green iguanas which were big and cool. We went back to the boat and cooked lunch, we made a little bit of pasta, ramen noodles, and sandwiches. Later we helped clean the dinghy from underneath with our snorkels. Then we got ready to set sail to go to Norman Island. We anchored there and had a little bit of free time to talk on the bow and listen to music. We then had salt water showers and started cooking dinner. During dinner, we always have interesting and funny conversations which we all enjoy a lot.