Location: Sopers Hole, Tortola

This morning was sentimental as the Grins family woke up anchored at Norman Island, where our journey started. Starting bright and early, we started the hike up Spyglass Hill for the second time. The hike was very emotional, and at the top, we all shared things about ourselves that we want to get rid of and leave behind. Then we shared what we would like to take with us from this trip, and Torin emphasized the importance of taking every opportunity and challenging ourselves every day. Most of us teared up. Back on the boats, we transitioned into full-on cleaning mode. All of our stuff needed to be packed, and the entire boat needed to be spotless. The process continued as we docked back at West End, in the exact location where we first boarded the catamaran. After passing the cleaning inspection, we had a couple of hours to explore the harbor’s shops and restaurants, then shower on the dock. Before dinner our boat had our final squeeze question, reflecting on a random favorite memory from the trip. For dinner, we had a barbeque in the harbor with ActionQuest and relaxed in the area for a while. After dinner, everyone assembled on the dock to listen to Mike’s closing speech. The day was bittersweet, and none of us are quite ready to say goodbye, yet the memories we take home with us will be everlasting.