Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Waking up this morning we realized that it was our second to last day. We started our morning anchored in a bay near Road Town, where we got one of our final shore times of the trip. After contacting our parents and stopping at a local caf for iced beverages and wifi, we set back out on the boat and sailed to Peter Island. On Peter Island, we went to shore and walked over to what is called the last remaining village on the island, which belongs to a man named Conrad. Conrad himself wasn’t there, due to his health condition, but we learned a lot about him and his way of life on Peter Island. Considering this man owns a lot of land on the island, and it is worth a fortune, it was amazing to hear how hard he has worked to keep it just the way he grew up in; his way of living is the definition of simplistic. We met his younger cousin Therman, who was going out to go fishing off the beach we arrived on. It was interesting to hear how he grew up there, moved to New York City (which I am very familiar with considering I used to live there too), and then moved back to his hometown to keep it just the way it used to be. After meeting Thurman we walked to the Peter Island Resort, which was beautiful. There we all sat down in a group on the soft sand and listened to Torin tell us a story about when he was there with another Lifeworks group, and how he and a student got the chance to meet and help out Conrad. He told us about Conrad’s simple ways of living, and how genuinely happy he was for having so little. It was an eye-opening talk and made every one of us reconsider what makes us happy. The talk showed how something so little and simplistic could make someone feel so happy.

After walking back to the other beach and getting back on our boats, we saw Therman pulling in the fishing nets, and immediately pulled it in together. We didn’t catch that many fish but were still thrilled to catch them. We got back to our boats and set sail to Norman Island, where Spy Glass Mountain is. The sail over was funny, exciting, but also made us reflect on our experiences here. When we arrived in the bay, we hooked the mooring ball and made one of our final dinners. Overall, this day was filled with many different experiences and was a success in many ways. BYE LIFEWORKS 2013, I MISS YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING! Spindrift II all girls boat + Elliot for life!