Location: West End, Tortola

Our last day together today is the day we all thought would never come, and never expected it to come this soon; our last day together. We woke up early with a twist in our plans that we would hike before we ate breakfast. Not ideal at first but it turned out being just fine. We set out up Spyglass for the second time but this time it was a whole different feeling. Now we all knew each other. It was a bitter sweet experience where we got to reminisce on all the times we had, and think about what we wanted to bring home from this experience. Torin spoke and told us a story about his life that I think really touched us all. After spending our time taking in the view there we headed back down to our boats. Now to deal with all the cleaning. We scrubbed every inch of our boat all throughout the sail to West End and then some more until it was perfect for inspection where we passed! Yay!! Then we could relax. We had some shopping time and then we had a barbecue with all of ActionQuest on the dock. Yummy burgers and wings is just what we needed after this long day. Mike closed up the evening with a dock talk that was a great closing to the program. It was so nice to have us all back together where we started just 21 days ago, most of us strangers but now great friends. I’m very sad to see this trip end but I will remember all these memories forever and bring back all the things I learned. Thank you Lifeworks and ActionQuest for this amazing experience, and thank you, parents, for giving us all the opportunity to do this, it has been life-changing.