Location: West End, Tortola

It is hard to believe 21 days with our group of all girl students has passed. We spent time sailing around the British Virgin Islands getting to know the islands, ourselves, and each other. Camila and Jamie impressed us with their turtle catching skills while Fiona furthered her love for turtles in Anegada by releasing a large hawksbill. With our final squeeze, Mary was mentioned as many student’s favorite parts of the trip because of her hilarious stories. Both Emilie and Pauline developed their English language skills and understanding of American culture with different food and a fun “bro night.” Kaitlyn impressed us all with her acting skills during a VISAR training exercise on Spindrift II. Chanthy has come out of her shell and created great bonds with Ellery and all her shipmates. Meera gained new confidence in reaching the top of Spyglass hike. Samantha loved getting to know the staff of Spindrift II while Erica’s singing always reminded Elliot he was living on an all-girls boat. Zoe’s hilarious facial expressions with Mary’s stories had us all laughing through dinners. We will miss all the ladies, but we are happy to see how much they have grown. Elliot, Quincey, and I cherished our moments with them and loved knowing they will leave with amazing new friends and memories.