Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The day started with pancakes! YUM! Our amazing chefs, Hayden and Jake, prepared a delicious breakfast. We started our day off with an hour of free time in Road Town. Some of us decided to get some grub; others went in search of wifi and others went shopping. We returned to the boat, where Sera, the skipper of the day, lead us safely out of the busy harbor. We motored over to Peter Island where we went for a nice walk. We walked through the remains of a small town and briefly met up with one of the only men that live there now. Continuing on our walk, we headed to a very fancy resort that we were lucky enough to gain access to. The beach had nice white sand, pristine water, and beautiful views. There, Torin gave us an inspiring speech. He talked about his experience with one of the local guys and how he has what we would consider nothing, but he was such a happy person and full of life. It was eye-opening, it brought up the idea of how happiness is a choice, not a fleeting situation. We walked back to the small beach that we arrived at and helped Thurman, the resident of the original town, to pull in his fishing net. He caught a decent amount, and most of us got a chance to hold one. We hopped back on the boat and went to Norman Island. While the staff had a meeting, we showered, and Griffin, Doria, and Claire had a little dance party. Our day ended with a scrumptious supper, a beautiful sunset and a really nice squeeze. Hayden would like to say “Happy Birthday mom!!”