Location: Road Harbour, Tortola

Today we woke up and journeyed over to Virgin Island Search and Rescue’s (VISAR) base to help them out. Yesterday I was chosen to fake a broken leg injury to assist VISAR with their training; it was awesome. At the base today we did a variety of tasks, from scraping paint, to weeding and gardening, to painting, and even dredging (which was riddled with nasty nast). There were two groups of people for dredging, one group waded in the waist-deep water of the harbor in front of the base, shoveling and collecting sand into buckets while the other group was on land dumping the heavy buckets of sans behind the base. Everybody worked super hard and were rewarded with pizza for lunch and AMAZING showers ON LAND! Then we hung out on the boat for awhile and chilled. It was awesome to do work for the fantastic volunteers at VISAR. We are now anchored in Road Harbor and are getting ready for our last day of service tomorrow (awww so sad L).