Location: Cuzco


Today was our second day at Casa Montay. This day was completely different from yesterday. Yesterday was all about getting to know the girls, playing with the babies, and having fun with everyone. This morning, however, was intense: work gloves on, the construction began. Our project was to clean out the whole backyard, which was full of garbage, trees, and broken objects for them to eventually start a gardening area. While Lara and Abby started off in the kitchen, we worked for about an hour, placing everything on the streets, so the garbage truck to pick it up. We then had a snack of fresh fruits. We learned some Quechua with the girls before heading back to the construction area. Our last job was to put everything into the truck, and our work was done! All exhausted, we ate a delicious lunch and ate pasta pesto ( thanks Lara and Abby 😉 ) After that we said goodbye to the community, and they gave us little gift bags with a postcard and a key chain they made themselves. To finish off the day, we went to a Chinese restaurant, which was really good !! When we first arrived at Casa Montay, I was surprised to see how happy the girls were; so I’ve learned that even after experiencing horrible situations, focusing on the positive things, which in this case the girls were safely welcomed into an extraordinary home with their babies, will always help to accept what happened and continue their lives with hope and joy.