Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was our first full day!! I would say that we were all very well rested, but the docks were humming with the whispered conversation and laughter of excited, new crewmates late into the night last night. This morning we woke up to some gourmet bowls of cereal, then waited patiently to depart from the docks as each sail went up and the other boats of the fleet dispersed outwards before us. We learned some basics of sailing on our way to The Caves, and it was entertaining watching everyone scream as the waves crashed on them from the as I steered the boat- (today my job was to be the skipper). Once we got to the caves, we all took our swimming test which thankfully all of us passed after swimming six laps around the boat. It was refreshing to jump into the beautiful water after a long day of travel for everyone yesterday. Shortly after, we went snorkeling at the caves where Black Beard used to visit hundreds of years ago. We got to take our first ocean showers and hop off the back of the boat and splash around as the sun had a nice afternoon glow, and it was a fantastic winding down of our first day on the boat. For dinner, we had Sloppy Joe’s and some mashed potatoes. We jammed out to music as we all did our chores and washed up the kitchen. Everyone is beginning to get to know each other, and I can tell that this will be a memorable trip for all the people for everyone here. PS. Apologies for any grammatical errors, I was singing along to 80s music with everyone as they cleaned and I wrote!!