Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we hiked for 15 minutes to the top of Spyglass Hill. From that point, you can see one of the most beautiful views ever its almost like a fairy tale. We then hiked back down to the helipad (iPad) and back to the boats. After the hike, we ate second breakfast which consisted of eggs and muffins made by our very own chefs. When we were ready, we lifted anchor and set sail for 5 hours to Virgin Gorda. In the middle of our sail, we ate some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the entire crew and shared lots of laughs. The sail to the island was fantastic, and we had a great time with all our new friends. Before we got prepared for dinner, we took showers and washed up. About 10 minutes later we started to prepare pasta with Alfredo sauce, sauteed hot dogs and salad. After we all ate, we played squeeze that the skipper of the boat asks a question and we sit down in a circle all holding hands and the person next to you has to squeezes your hand to signal when to go. When we had all answer the question, we all got to work in cleaning the yacht and making it a pristine living place that we can all enjoy.