Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

After waking to the morning music Beezie plays to wake all of us morning people (not) up, we had a quick breakfast and set out for the Bregado Flax School. Ranging from ages five to high school age, these crazy kids were super excited to see us. We face painted, made bracelets, necklaces, balloons, played basketball and even sang the theme song to the famous Disney Jr. show. Leaving the kids was hard, and they were sad to see us go, but we sailed and made our way to Spanish Town. Today was also the first day we had our phones since we turned them in at the beginning of the trip! Once we got them back, people were scrambling around to call their families. Sailing ten minutes away from where we were previously docked, was The Baths. Not only did we see some enticing caves and beautiful rock structures, we learned why in the world it is called The Baths (Thanks, David). All in all, we ended a great dinner of chili and rice with The Squeeze; my question was ‘What is your biggest fear?’

I am looking forward to tomorrow to see what the BVIs has in store for us! See ya’ll soon.