Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a work-filled day. First, we woke up earlier than usual (around 6:30) because we were going to a school to help clear space for the kids. We were anchored in the cove and took a dingy to the dock. The school that we visited was the only private school on the island that wasn’t involved with a church. They also teach special-ed students, which not many schools do. They are very generous and deserve help. They needed our help because they gave out tons of scholarships so that they were almost broke. Our boat and the other Lifeworks boat went, and we helped cut down trees and clear brush so that the kids could have a play area. We started working at around 8:00 and ended around 4:00. I guess you could say that it was a long day. We cleared out the whole area, and now the kids have an area to play, and the school plans to put in a garden. It was very hot and tiring. After finishing, we walked about half a mile to the dock and rode the dinghies back to the catamaran. We then proceeded to motor to another cove, where we were finally able to clean off and jump in the water. The water was so clear, and the beach was beautiful. We rafted to the other boat and had some delicious veggie burgers. One of my favorite parts of the day was an evening tradition, called squeeze where we all gather together in a circle and hold each other’s hands and talk about our favorite parts of the day and answer the question that the skipper of the day picked. It was really fun and a nice end to a long day.