Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Picture yourself waking up in paradise with a group of new found friends, filling your stomach with bowls of oatmeal and motoring our dingy to Spanish Town that was us this morning. It took us three busloads to get us all to Copper Mine National Park where we hiked around the rocks and cleaned up beaches. Then we went back to Rangitoto Too and sailed to Mountain Point on Virgin Gorda where we started looking for turtles. After less than 20 minutes we had found our first turtle and brought him back to Kes Kat for examination. We named this turtle Lefty because it was missing its back left flipper, which appeared to have been bitten off. For Lefty, the staff on our two boats demonstrated how to properly tag turtles. After we had released Lefty back to where we found it, we headed back to Rangitoto Too to clean up the boat and have some shower time. Finally, we ate dinner and brownies, which is not a bad way to end off a good day of turtle-tagging.