Location: Anegada

Today our boat sailed from Virgin Gorda Island to Anegada Island, an almost three-hour trip. Since I was the skipper of the day, I had the opportunity to learn how to drive the catamaran. This was a completely new experience for me, as I had never driven a boat until today. At first, learning how to maneuver the boat was difficult, and there were many different things to think about. As the day went by, I became more comfortable steering the boat, and before I knew it, we had already reached our destination. I discovered it was really exciting to drive and was an experience I will always remember from my time at Lifeworks BVI. When we got to the next island, we docked and quickly got ready to go on a snorkel search for lionfish, as they had recently become more common than usual in the area. Although we did not see any lionfish, we still explored the coral reefs for a while, scanning its surface for the many varieties of colorful fish. We also saw a huge stingray and a nurse shark circling the reef. For dinner, we came back on the boat and had taco night, a great end to an eventful day!