Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a very solid first full day. We started it out with some quality cereal and cantaloupe. Next, we headed down to the end of the dock to talk about the guidelines for the program and all the necessary information we would need to know while living on boats for the next three weeks. After the dock talk, we had some shore time to buy snacks at the marina store. We then waited a little while before we could embark from the West End dock, killing time by starting a competition about who could drink the most water. One shipmate felt the consequences of quickly downing four big water bottles in a very short period. We left the dock shortly after and headed for Norman Island. Once there, we anchored and took our swimming test and got in the dinghies to go snorkel in and around the caves that once housed the longboats of the likes of Blackbeard and his contemporaries. We concluded our day with ocean showers, Sloppy Joe’s with mashed potatoes and vegetables,¬†and “squeeze” time on the trampoline at the bow of the boat. This is where we discussed our favorite parts of the day and why we chose to spend part of our summer with Lifeworks.