Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We all had a super fun day today! The day started with sailing to Norman Island with me driving the cat with Elliot, Alex, and Jamie. Elliot gave all the shipmates a lesson on how to control the sails on board, which proved very successful throughout our ride! Once we lowered our anchors near shore, we all sat down to lunch; sandwich making with a varied assortment of components and condiments. After we ate, we got our bathing suits on and had our “swim test”- 5 laps around the boat followed by 10 minutes of treading water. It was difficult, but everyone passed! Right after, we got our snorkeling gear and piled into the dinghies to head to the caves on the other side of the island. The water was unbelievably clear, a nice temperature and there were so many colorful fish and creatures living there! It was so cool to see the biodiversity. Once we wrapped it up over there, we went back to the cat and took saltwater showers- jump in the water, get out and suds up, then jump back in to rinse off- off the stern. Dinner tonight is Sloppy Joe’s, and the kitchen crew is preparing them as I write this- everyone is starving and can’t wait to eat. Later we’ll be meeting the other Lifeworks boat for an “Intro to Lifeworks” forum- everyone is excited to see the other kids!