Location: Venecia

Today was a fun day but a sad one as well. We started the day working hard in a small neighborhood of refugees in Venecia. Nela and her son brought us to this area to show us what our final project would be. We were to mix tons and tons of cement to use for creating a floor in a small house. The house already had a basic concrete and metal frame but was missing doors, windows, and of course a floor. After hours and hours of jamming to some tunes on the radio and mixing cement like crazy, we ended up finishing 3/4 of the entire house! Following that, we all washed off the dirt and cement from our clothes and jumped into the minibus. On our way up into the mountains, we talked and enjoyed the dramatic views as the rain poured down. When we arrived at our lunch destination, we were pleasantly surprised to be in a hummingbird sanctuary. Hummingbirds were racing around flying past our ears and in front of our faces in between sips of sugary water placed all around the restaurant. We even saw a toucan! Once we were done eating, we started to get a little chilly, so we got everybody some nice hot chocolate to warm ourselves up. We then came back to our hotel and started writing our final cards to one another and enjoyed the last moments we had together before a super early wake up to head to the airport.