Location: Los Lagos & Venecia

We woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning where we felt terrible waking up our families to take us to our meeting spot. Once everyone got dropped off we went on the bus were we drove 3-4 hours to the stable where we picked out our horses. Everybody took part (Evan, Anna, and our driver Henry!) but we still managed to get a few pics of our awesome day. Esti’s horse was white, and pretty his name was Peggy. Coleby’s horse was named Rezyel. We don’t remember the other horse names, but everybody had their horse. We went up a big hill to get a better view of the active volcano. After horseback riding, we went swimming for a little while. After swimming, we had lunch, and we were able to use our cell phones to call our parents. After lunch, we got back on the bus where we went to go zip-lining. Everyone enjoyed the zip-lining because it was so fast and furious. After zip-lining, we went back on the bus for 2-hour ride to our hotel and had dinner around 6:30. Now we’re going to head back to bed because we’re exhausted again so good night and happy 4th of July! We also just went for a surprise 4th of July ice cream treat!