Location: La Carpio & Piedades

Day 18… we got on the bus at 9 am and headed to La Carpio to play with the kids and say our goodbyes. We as a group set up a festival for the kids. We painted their faces, played music, and made bracelets and watched a play with them. After that, we ate with them at their daycare center and then we gave out bread to people who don’t have enough food in the same neighborhood but a different area. We gave the leftovers to the dogs and cats. We also gave out pens and pencils for the children. We ended our day around 2 pm to go to the supermarket to buy groceries to cook our families dinner……the end of day 18. We had such an amazing time cooking a huge meal for everybody. Emme and Laura made a delicious ice cream cake. Raquel and Lucia worked on cooking up some mac n cheese. Mia cut up a TON of fruit to make a giant fruit salad for dessert. Zoe and Lucy made sure to DJ for us while helping make up a salad for the Caesar salad. Esti and Coleby helped set up the tables and worked on cleaning up some dishes at the end. In the meantime, Evan cooked up about six giant chicken breasts for the salad. We’re super exhausted, so we have to go back home and pack tonight as we have an early day tomorrow!