Location: Los Piedades

Sorry, we haven’t posted in a while! LOTS of bus time and we’ve been busy lately… Today, we woke up early and we all had breakfast together. After breakfast, we changed into our bathing suits and went to the beach. At the beach, we all went into the ocean and splashed each other. After that, we invited Henry our driver to join us. While we were on the beach, we wrote funny words on the sand. After that, we went to walk on the boardwalk on the beach. We left the beach around 10 o’clock, and we headed out for lunch. Right after lunch, we walked on the bridge to see a bunch of crocodiles. (Photobomb Laura!) When we finished seeing the crocodiles, we went back on the bus to our homestay families. While we were on the way to our host families, we stopped to get them sweets and good things to thank them for letting us stay with them. We got back to our families around 7:30 because we had a 3-hour bus ride back. Once we got home, to our host families, we each gave them our gift, and they were so happy.