Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today I woke up in a hammock that hung from the mast of the boat to the jib. It had been a very windy night, but seeing the ocean all around me was worth it. After all the girls were up, we were underway. We arrived in Spanish Town shortly after (with the help of my skilled steering). A short taxi ride took the girls of Spindrift II, everyone from Grins, and the “questers” to Bregada Flax primary school. After a brief introduction we took all the kids out to a field behind the school. Quickly the kids opened up to us. I was dragged from game to game and handed, crayons, combs, model airplanes, jump ropes, and much more.

Each kid was more eager than the next to befriend me. The kids were very excited to see us come and sad to see us leave. Some kids became very attached to their “buddy” throughout the day, I was surprised at how easily we could make a connection with these kids. Back in Spanish Town, all the Lifeworks students had some free time. We all enjoyed shopping and eating, and most of all we enjoyed some time to use our phones. It felt weird to be able to connect to the outside world and realize that life continues while I am away. Back on the boat we headed to the Baths. It was really fun to explore the caves. Although, as we explored it became more of a photo shoot than a exploration. Since I was in charge of the blog camera I was running around trying to get every beautiful moment to show parents back home. Today was a bunch of fun. The girls and I can’t decide whether the trip has been going really quickly or really slowly. I think we are trying to convince ourselves that things are going slowly because we know that things are flying by.