Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We awoke to Elliot starting the engines and beginning the voyage to Spanish Town. We started this voyage at a refreshing time of 5:30 AM. After arriving at our port, we walked to the Valley Day School in Virgin Gorda. We spent the first half day of work by scraping dirt off the paint and clearing the freshly trimmed trees off the ground. After a nice day of helping the community, we went back to the boats and had some free time ashore. We received spending money and phones so we could shop and eat ashore. We also got to say goodbye to our friends on the boat Offline, which is departing on their 15-day voyage out of the BVI. Overall, this was a great day in the fun Caribbean. Love to everyone’s parents from Kes Kat crew.

PS Captain Elliot says “Love You!!!” to his wonderful mother.