Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today started early, leaving the anchorage at 6:30. We drove the boat to Spanish Town, then caught a taxi to the copper mine. Once everyone from both boats was at the mine, we all hiked down to the shore and climbed on the huge rock formations, enjoying the view from the cliffs. We then picked up trash along the rocks by the mine, where Jack, Matt and I tried to catch fish in the plastic wine glass we found on the shore. We then hiked up the hill, picking up more and more trash on the hill as we went up, going through cacti and other thorny bushes. When we got to the beach we were going to clean up, we found everything from tiny pieces of plastic, to the fish line, to car tires and seat cushions. We learned to identify the many different kinds of plastic, and what they make. After the beach cleanup, we ate lunch at a mini-golf course, where Griff won a free drink for getting the first hole in one. After Lunch, we headed back to the boats before heading to the Baths, an area of small caves, carved out by the tides. At the baths, we split into smaller groups and explored the numerous caves and alcoves of the baths. We took a huge group photo in one of the caves. After driving back from Spanish Town and the baths, we tied the two boats together, and we all hung out together. We were doing flips and dives off the Kes Kat dinghy and threw a football around in the water and between boats. We had a huge dinner on Rangitoto, where Eliot grilled amazing veggie-burgers. It was nice to spend almost the entire day with the other boat.